I was driving down Main St. in Kansas City, Missouri while I was back with family for Christmas. It was the only day that it was snowing during my time there and I had just left my favorite coffee shop, Oddly Correct, to go home. I had said my good-byes to the guys who own and make coffee there, specifically Gregory. I got in my mom’s car and returned a phone call to my dad, who’s name is also Gregory. As I was approaching the Plaza, I saw a man painting by the JC Nichols fountain. I thought, “Wow, it’s really cold outside and that guy is painting!” So I drove past staring at him and kind of paying attention to the road. I drove around again taking a second look at what he was doing. I decided to stop and see what this guy was about and why he was painting outside while it was snowing. I walked up, said hi, introduced myself, he introduced himself, “Hi, my name is Gregory.” Interesting. I asked him why he was painting in the snow. He told me that he paints outside in any kind of weather because he likes it. Gregory has painted outside, to my remembrance, in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. He told me that it’s much easier to paint in the snow or rain with oil paint. I was standing behind his painting while he was sharing about what he does when I asked if I could see it. I took a couple steps forward to the left, saw the canvas and some paint with snowflakes falling onto the different colors. I was wonderfully surprised at his work. I can’t recall if I had seen any paintings like his. I enjoyed how the strokes of his brush created what he was seeing. It was like these abstract strokes came together and created a clearer painting of what was in front of me. I asked him if I could take a picture of him and his painting and he accepted. He gave me his card so I could send them along to him. We wrapped up our conversation and I thanked him for sharing with me what  he does. Here is Gregory and his painting on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO. If you would like to check his work out for viewing pleasure or purchase (I recommend both), go to his website: You can also find him on facebook.


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