I love life and live with passion. There is an unlimited amount of beauty to experience and it’s best when shared with one another. I value words and heart-felt conversation. Knowing people’s hearts and being in relationship with those I enjoy is my most valued treasure. My favorite wine is Sangiovese Nebollio. I like bike rides with friends. I’m a coffee purist. If I’m not having fun, I get bored. I’ll dance anywhere. I’ve always wanted to be a twin. Too late. I have kept every letter and card that has been written to me since I was 18. A good laugh with friends is the best medicine. I like puzzles and building with legos. Those people who yell to the point of possible screaming while watching sporting events … I’m one of them. Don’t judge us, we get excited. A smile is someone’s best accessory. I have a soft heart and I’m not afraid to use it. Jesus is the most influential person in my life and has brought me more freedom than I ever thought was possible. When I chew gum, I fold the wrapper into a square before throwing it away … subconsciously, every time. Sharing is caring. Problem solving gets me excited. I like being funny. It’s hard for me to finish the last two-ish chapters of a book. People & cultures in Southern Africa have my heart. My favorite season is summer. I like being outside and in water as much as possible, preferably jumping off waterfalls. I give great hugs. I have a high value for honesty in every situation. It’s always time to dare greatly.
My friends say I’m: confident, joyful, solid, dedicated, motivated, full of life, real, a believer in the power of one & full of the ability to perceive the individual potential of something or someone, loyal, trustworthy, and passionate

And most importantly:  I think all of our lives matter. Let’s love ourselves and one another like it.


Enjoy this pep talk from Kid President.

“It’s everybody’s duty to give the world a reason to dance.”
“Create something that will make the world awesome.”



I invite you to share your thoughts & ideas here :)

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