Welcome to my blog :)

I believe a big part of life is that we are all in a very vast and deep conversation and experience. There are thoughts, ideas and ways of life we agree with. And well, there are the same things in life that we don’t agree with. How we interact with those thoughts, ideas and ways in ourself and in others is key to living a life that abounds with love, connection and meaning.

We all have the responsibility of living our own life as best as we can. How we do that as well as who and what we do it for matters.

This blog is a piece of what I think I’m responsible for in the grand conversation and experience of life. It is my response to knowing that life matters and the desire to leave something with meaning to those I’m in relationship with and those I don’t know. My hope is that it would be beneficial to people and the world being a better place than how I received it.

Each one of us receives a life and situation from our family and at the same time we can create whatever life we want to. The life we receive is a matter of that being our floor. The life that we get to create is like room to be experienced by others. This is part of my room. This is part of how I’m building to make sure that others can stand on my ceiling to see the view of the surrounding land. I hope that they enjoy the view as they contribute their life to the creation of what they are responsible to giving the world.

Since building can’t be done alone, I invite you to share what your heart says about what you read by commenting on my blogs. I ask that your comments are honest, respectful, thoughtful and remain on the blog topic.

I hope you enjoy, although may not always agree with my contribution to the great conversation.

Enjoy the day :)

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I invite you to share your thoughts & ideas here :)

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