March 19, 2010

we shout to you “wake up, come out of your slumber!”
you show us that you are already awake
your singing has never stopped
your shouts of joy have never ceased

in pain, in trial, in conflict
your voice shouts the greatest of all
it brings more life to the world than water to the earth

hallelujah hosanna
you sing you us
we stand changed

now we have come alive
through the life in your lungs
that flows out of your heart
into the stoney parts of ours we had a moment before

we want to tell you who you are
you sing it back to us
we came to give
we receive more when you smile

you have much more to show us
will we ask?
you have much more to offer
will we receive?
you have much more life to sing
will we breathe it in?

written: in mozambique


February 18, 2010

every moment is a choice
perfect love comes from a voice
will you enter?

entering costs everything in the moment
but as you step through the threshold
everything turns into nothing
and there you are

you’re lost but found
slave but free
lost because in order for others to find you they must enter love too
slave because your experience with freedom has bound you to sacrifice for love

love is a voice

can you hear him calling?

love sets the captives free
it makes the wounded the healed
so the healed can love the wounded

it beckons our beings into a life of freedom we never knew existed
until we entered

love is a voice
it shouts into the dark with a whisper
brining forth it’s light

like walking into a dark house
and turning on a lamp
revealing everything as it actually is

joy by the window sill
comfort on the stairway
friendship in the kitchen

love is meant to be inside of a house
that house is you and me

will you enter into his voice?